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Italians speaking, Italians singing. With such a melodic language, it always sounds like music to me. There really is just something so darn romantic about the Italian language. Which is why I am a sucker for a good Italian song, it’s like double the beauty. With a language …

February 8, 2020

Florence has an association of artisans, OmA, that awards up and coming artisans various forms of recognition every year. I follow their yearly announcements as it’s a great way to find new, and noteworthy artists. I also enjoy buying things from small, family run businesses so it’s also …

December 15, 2019

Last year, I was hugely pregnant at Christmas. With one month to my due date, I was never going to be able to fly home to the U.S. and celebrate with my family. I thought I would be crushed but in the end, while I missed being “home” …

December 3, 2019

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Ciao! I'm Rachel. Wife, mother, creative, bilingual and dual-cultural, American, Italian, Arizonian. Let's be friends and share stories.
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